Journalistic Writing Clips (and a plug or two) for Pikes Peak Writers

Please note: I’ve fixed all the broken links for these articles as of 12/26/14 (hurray!) 

Writing as Barb Dyess…

My homies!

My homies!

From 2006 to 2010, I wrote for the ‘old’ Pikes Peak Writers Newsmagazine, reporting on certain writing events, doing book reviews and such.  These are archived & listed on the PPW page here. The Newsmag, alas, has passed into oblivion, but PPW has a website/blog and tons of other stuff now.  And membership in Pikes Peak Writers is now FREE also – another reason to say “yahooza” (if this word isn’t in your vocabulary, it should be. start now.) 

During 2007-2008, I served as “Reporter Coordinator” for the Newsmag, which basically meant ensuring that “somebody” (meaning ‘if nobody shows up it will be ME) attended events and turned in articles for the bimonthly publications, which I then loosely edited before sending them to the main editor. I also coordinated reporter-coverage of the annual conference in those two years, helping scholarship recipients with topics and contacts for their articles (which were required as part of their scholarship awards at the time). 


VOLUME XI, Issue 5, Sept/Oct 2010, pg 8,  “The Smoking Hotness of American Icon 6” (Annual Contest of Writers who read from their work to win prizes galore)

In 2009, I took a big break from writing, volunteering and most literary pursuits, when my hubby came home from his last deployment, retired, and generally screwed-up any sense of routine, writing or otherwise, that I had created. Only kidding, dear. Sorta. 






Reporter of the Year (2008) Woot.Awarded “Pikes Peak Newsmagazine Reporter of the Year

~ VOLUME VII, ISSUE 1, January/February 2008, pg. 11, “November Write Brain: Show and Tell, featuring Mario Acevedo” ~ VOLUME VII, ISSUE 3, May/June 2008, pg. 3, “Conference Highlight: Yex & Violence on the Page with Bob Mayer”


~ VOLUME V, ISSUE 3, May-June 2007, pgs. 3 & 7, “How to Give a Reading – featuring Barb Nickless, Todd Fahnestock and Ron Heimbecher”  ~ VOLUME V, ISSUE 4, July-August 2007, pg. 1, “May Write Brain: Colorado Book Publishers Panel” ~ VOLUME V, ISSUE 4, September-October 2007, pg. 11, “Out of Book Experience: Roberts Rules of Writing”


Meet that deadline even if you haven't a clue! I served as Guest/Interim Editor for the July/Aug 2006 edition.

~ SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION, April 21-23, 2006, pg. 4, “Golden Nuggets: Open Critique De-mystified” (article reprinted in VOLUME IV, ISSUE 3, March-May 2006, pg. 3) ~ VOLUME IV, ISSUE 4, July-August 2006 “March Write Brain: Brainstorming Yourself – with Carol Caverly”  ~ VOLUME IV, ISSUE 6, November-December 2006, pg. 7, “August Write Brain: The Great Agent Safari”

Attention, ahem! I also want to plug PPW’s amazing annual WRITERS CONFERENCE in April at the Marriott Hotel in Colorado Springs. It’s one of the best values in writing conferences in the nation – and not many of them have authors, editors and agents hosting tables where they have to actually TALK to everyone. It’s an excellent value for the money, mucho fun (the bar after meals, my friends!) – and great education, especially for beginning writers and those wanting to, er, NETWORK.

2014 Keynote speakers are ready to rock it.

What we want everyone to think we do at conferences.

What we actually do at conferences, as much as possible.








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