Articles & Essays for the Christian Sector

My former place of worship, New Life Church, used to send out a monthly newsletter. We worked hard to produce excellent content and professional quality with an all-volunteer staff to get ‘er done, too.

Okay…a CHURCH newsletter? Big deal, right? Not to some, of course. But our “Mega Church” at the time numbered over 11,000 strong and our mailing list went out to over 6500 households (I used to handle the mailing list electronically so I know this for a fact). If you figure that the average household was “2.5 people minimum”, this “little church newsletter” had a very respectable subscriber base — more than that of some secular newsletters.

The newsletter was edited and produced by Pastor Rob, who welcomed me into the writing fold and supported whatever I chose to send him, helping me enter the world of Freelance Writing.Though there are no electronic files that I know of, I did check with Rob at one point — could I reprint my own articles? He assured me that I owned rights to whatever I wrote.

These are a few examples – not all of what I wrote (some of which I’ve misplaced the printed copies; none exist in online format). Each LINK will offer a download of a Microsoft Word document (probably XP or Vista in age). You may opt to Open/Read or Save as you prefer/are comfortable with. Each file is a simple black & white scan of the original printed newsletter page. Some have photos and other art.

Thanks, Rob, wherever you are, for giving me my very first opportunities to be a Writer.

Newlifers Serving in Iraqi Freedom Profile Stories:

Devotional Essay: Zing: Unmerited Kindness

*Disclaimer: Any advertiser shown on article copies may or may not still be in business. I am not endorsing any advertiser in any way in these scanned documents.* 

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