My Creative Workshop: Aerie Images Photography

BannerPlaneBW sz for FBI photograph stuff. I sell it, sometimes. I make little pillows of burlap, hand-letter them with messages and add a ribbon for hanging–and make coasters from coffee bean bags. When I find great vintage or heirloom items, I sell these also–textiles, glass, porcelain, retro or kitschy stuff. But mostly, I sell Aviation or Nature photos, when I do get sales.

My shop on etsy is “on vacation” mode at present and my Facebook page is shut-down also, as I watermark ALL of my work (gawd it takes a long while!)  But here’s some of ma stuff. Will I open the shop in the future? Maybe. I’m looking for a better site to sell my photos, since etsy has decided to go factory & China on us Little Artists & Crafters. Here’s a sample of my stuff, just for grins. *Copyright AERIE IMAGES. All rights reserved. Digital watermark by Digimarc*  IF you’re interested in purchasing my work, please use the Contact page here. Thanks.

Planes, planes, planes Bomber whatkind color 5x7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CobraCockpit Sepia8x10 smsz DouglasA1Skyraider OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA FlightlineProps BW


??????????????????????????????? Custom Pillow image


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