My Photography: Aerie Images

I can’t seem to choose just ONE Creative Outlet–how about you? So, on trips to visit historic sites…soak in the ocean(s)…see a local airshow where the structure and history and shape of vintage planes captivated me on the ground while most were staring at the sky…the natural beauty of my home state of Colorado practically everywhere: such experiences started me into Photography in the past few years.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlightlineProps BW


“Remembrance,” Taos Pueblo (photo no longer available due to tribal restrictions)

Well, and a HUGE writing block also helped. As in the time decades ago, when I gave away my only guitar, I HAD TO HAVE SOMETHING TO CREATE WITH. Then, it was learning to play a cheap plastic recorder to make some kind of music. When I couldn’t write, I turned to how I saw, or could see, the world through a lens. And BOOM. It worked: Aerie Images was born!

When my eye didn’t match what the lens showed–all I had was a point-and-shoot camera at first–I discovered photo-editing software. I still love working with it to bring special textures, colors, and effects to my work. And I’m still an “amateur” (just ask my BIL who owns a portrait studio) but I’m determined to learn and grow–and am doing it bit by bit.

I like subjects that don’t move much: cool old buildings, old airplanes on display, beautiful natural landscapes or flowers, vintage vehicles like MG roadsters or old trucks; the list is still growing. BW 3 StGerm Icons 8x10 FADES.jpg(Paris! Normandy!)VintageVehicle Love Trio (bluetruck sideview).jpg

Getting a better camera has helped: my Nikon D3300, aka”Little Red,” takes MUCH better pics, even with the basic 18-55mm lens. This year, my family gave me the next level (for me anyway) in a 55-200mm lens, which I’m still learning about and kinda excites me. (hello, longer distance clarity!)


I love antique and vintage things like old china, pottery, jewelry, silver, and textiles– and to UPCYCLE outdated decor with new paint and such. Sometimes, these things find their way into my shop under “Vintage & Retro” –and they sell quickly!

I also handcraft(ed) coasters from coffee bean bags (think Hipster) and made little “message pillows” of burlap….but I am phasing these out, for now, to do something I’m terrible at: FOCUS.

Not as in ‘a lens,’ but as in LIFE. So the handmade goods are going bye-bye for now. If a great vintage or retro piece turns up, it will still find its place in Aerie Images’ listings. For now…photography. Beach, water, mountains, flowers, aircraft, historical buildings, Eiffel Well Always Have Paris blue sky 12x18signs, and thAlphaBravoCallsigns Poster 12x8sm WM.jpge posters I create from them–are FOCUS.

IF you’re interested in checking out or purchasing my work, please use the Contact page here or follow any link above–of course.



Coasters staged1.jpg
Clearance stock! Just a few left



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