Mainstream Fiction: A Fruity Family Saga

Like most writers, I’m not giving much away on this one–which wouldn’t be much to give away at this stage since it’s a little seed-nest/kernel of ideas right now. Let’s say it involves three lucrative fruity crops, is set in the Western U.S. — and features a dysfunctional family dynasty centered around the wealthy harvest of these luscious crops. Time periods? Roughly 1920’s to 1990 or so. Spans four generations.

There’s murder and motherly mayhem. Greek gods and grapes. Addictive personalities and avocados. Intrigued? So am I…it’s sketched out but not a serious project yet, but it will be eventually.

The narrative-character is somewhat like philosopher-cum-DJ “Chris” from Northern Lights–but with boobs. The story, thus far, is loosely inspired- and I mean real loose–on family history.


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