Speculative Fiction Works in Progress (WIP) aka Soft Scifi-Alternate History

The Starborn,  Book 1 of the Trilogy

Status: First draft DONE as April ’17, I’m proud to say!!

I’d been genre-labeling this WIP as “Fantasy” forever, but finally the light shone on my brain, and I realized it is SPECULATIVE FICTION. Problem is, when you use the latter term you tend to get blank or puzzled looks, unless you’re talking to a fiction writer. And even then…

It is WHAT?









SO…to narrow it down from the broader Speculative Fiction circle, it is specifically a mix of SF and ALTERNATIVE HISTORY and ROMANCE…how’s that for a creative cocktail?

  • SF for the futuristic tech and knowledge of the space travelers, but it’s not “hard” SF.
  • Alternative History for the period setting, the broad “known” history, and cultures of the Siberian regions.
  • And of course, as always, there has to be a CENTRAL LOVE STORY goin’ on in anything I write; in fact, there is more than one in this story.  As I researched my ideas for the story, there were more than a couple of goose-bumpy episodes as I found historical “mysteries” in archaeology and ancient histories.
    Exactly as I imagined. Real place.

    Thought I’d dreamed it up but nooo: real place.


    Celtic mummies in Asia. *shiver*








A space vessel is dying…disintegrating. A Bronze Age warrioress sees a spark of the goddess fall in the night sky and crash all-too-close in spectacular chaos. When dawn comes, she finds two badly injured strangers in a burned crater, with no explanation of who they are or from whence they have come. Though they bring curses, she risks all to rescue and protect them–and learn who these strangers truly are.

But the longer they stay, the more puzzling and disturbing is their very presence; one of them men especially, who challenges her views of genders, friendship, and love.

To the stranded travelers, it’s a primitive and parched world of contradictions that must be navigated by the least-damaged of the two: a physician left adrift in a world he struggles to understand and learn from. Beauty and cruelty. Spirituality and violence. And when worldviews collide, both sides must either grow and learn to understand–or destroy one another. 

What—and who– will be left? Starborn, Star-eyes





Prince of the Isles, Book 2 of the Trilogy

Status: Shelved until Bk 1 is in editing phase (or when the spirit moves me)  

The Isle Kingdom founded by the Starborn generations ago, gifted to them by a Being who claimed to be their personal god and benefactor, has become prosperous while remaining hidden from the outside world’s perils. A perfect paradise where gemstones are currency under a benevolent monarchy.

A world with a shining coat that harbors dark and deadly secrets in its core.

The youngest prince of the realm sees his people growing more diseased and dying younger–and no one knows why. The priesthood seems veiled in secrets without solutions. A shadowy enemy is assassinating the royal family, one by one. With three childhood friends–his reckless cousin, a lady-healer, and her seductive half-sister–he seeks answers to save both his family, his love, and the future of the entire realm.

The Archon’s Curse, Book 3 of the Trilogy

Status: Chapters sketched, early drafts written. Waiting…

Although the Prince has regained his faith and won the hand of the woman meant to share his life and throne, the fight to save the Kingdom from extinction is far from over.

A terrible prophecy — a curse — comes to light amidst his efforts to stabilize the Isle Kingdom with its religious upheaval and newly-forged view of the world, and it could require a terrible and very personal sacrifice.

When the answer seems to lie in a secret, dangerous journey into the kingdom of their mortal enemies, the prince’s cousin high-jacks the mission for his own. What he will find will change the course of both kingdoms, possibly destroying those he loves–on both sides.


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