Fantasy Fiction

The Starborn,  Book 1 of the Trilogy

Status: First draft in-progress. 

According to the Tribe, a falling star streaked the northern sky as it split into fiery pieces. Where those parts landed, two warrior-women found amidst the rubble two tall, strange men–burned and senseless.

Are they wanderers who strayed beneath the star’s path? Or are they of the gods themselves? One woman claims them as her own, hoping to use them to prosper her status in the tribe; she has them carried to camp and tended by healers, watching and waiting for the strangers to awaken. Waiting for them to live, to speak, to open their eyes.

When finally they awaken, the men find themselves with damaged bodies and minds, living in exile in a hostile place with people who believe in animals and nature as gods; in a tribe all of women who find few uses for men.


Prince of the Isles, Book 2 of the Trilogy

Status: Shelved until Bk 1 is in editing phase 

The Isle Kingdom founded by the Starborn generations ago, gifted to them by a Being who claimed to be their personal god and benefactor, has become prosperous while remaining hidden from the outside world’s perils. A perfect paradise…but for one thing.

The youngest prince of the realm sees his people growing more diseased and dying younger–and no one knows why. The priesthood seems veiled in secrets without solutions. A dark enemy is assassinating the royal family, one by one. With three childhood friends–his reckless cousin, a lady-healer, and her seductive half-sister–he seeks answers to save both his family, his love, and the future of the entire realm.

The Archon’s Curse, Book 3 of the Trilogy

Status: First draft partly written. 

Although the Prince has regained his faith and won the hand of the woman meant to share his life and throne, the fight to save the Kingdom from extinction is far from over.

A terrible prophecy — a curse — comes to light amidst his efforts to stabilize the Isle Kingdom with its religious upheaval and newly-forged view of the world, and it could require a terrible and very personal sacrifice.

When the answer seems to lie in a secret, dangerous journey into the kingdom of their mortal enemies, the prince’s cousin high-jacks the mission for his own. What he will find will change the course of both kingdoms, possibly destroying those he loves–on both sides.

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