Contemporary Fiction

Berry choc poolA Contemporary Romance with Suspense Elements.. & Chocolate

(Status: In revision)

Abby’s been in the WITSEC Program for seventeen years and has worked hard to make a decent life for herself and Mia, her daughter. But she’s sick of playing hide-and-seek and hopes to exit the Program when Mia finishes college in a few short years. But freedom may come even sooner; a U.S. Marshal tells her that the man she put in prison is dying of a rare disease. Abby is thrilled and relieved…until they realize that the man’s son is off the map and may come after instead.

It’s just a lousy time to fall in love. And her choice in men sucks; they either end up in prison or end up dead.

She didn’t expect Dominic Barrington the Third, heir to a gourmet chocolate company, to land in her sports clinic and set his sights on winning her heart. Abby’s finding it hard resist his sweet charms, and it’s not his truffles alone that are tempting her to throw her usual up-tight and rightly-so caution to the wind.

But at what cost? Her enemy won’t rest, even in the grave…and it won’t matter who gets in the way of his final revenge.


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