What is this? You’ve reached the site of Bree Davison, a blog about the Creative Life and its Struggles. I write multi-genre fiction with (thus far) a focus on Fantasy, Contemporary and some Historical in the works. There’s always a strong romantic element — a love story in one form or the other, whether it’s the main plot or a secondary one woven throughout.  I’ve also published a number of creative/non-fiction pieces as Barb Dyess — check out the Writing Clips pages.

Anything else? I am a photographer and have a little shop on (for now…this may change soon) where I sell photos and things I make from burlap and coffee bean bags. Occasionally, I find vintage or retro items and sell those also.

Struggle is not just in my head, it is in my body. I deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/MCE and Fibromyalgia, or health issues that have been labeled as such. Sometimes, I write about this crap, er, stuff also. Health affects creativity. Yep.

Can you give up on Creativity? Let’s talk about that…and soon.
Bokendaytime grn DSC_0270



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