Basics about Bree


What is this? You’ve reached the site of Bree Davison, a blog about the Creative Life and its Struggles.

I haven’t always been a writer; a was labeled the “artsy one” in our family, and though i was a straight-A student, not taken to seriously: sort of an “entertaining mascot.”GypsyGirl

Then around 2004, stuff happened and I met writers–and I found jumped into it. Now, I write multi-genre fiction with (thus far) a focus on SpeculativeContemporary and some Historical in the works. There’s always a strong romantic element — a love story in one form or the other, whether it’s the main plot or a secondary one woven throughout.

Because LOVE really is at the core of our Being, of our Lives.

I’m also fascinated by the way religions and faiths interact in culture, society, and relationships. 

My first published ‘clips’ were in a number of creative/non-fiction pieces (as Barb Dyess; yeah, my real name) – check out the Writing Clips pages. Mainly non-profits.

Anything else? I am a photographer and have a little shop on where I sell photos (duh!) and unique decor, vintage or retro items occasionally.

The Struggle is my entire self: mind, spirit, soul and body. I fight Depression. I love God and the Lord Jesus, but believe in Tolerance, Compassion, and Flexibility–the willingness to learn and grow in faith, outside of traditional structures (esp those that are DEAD).

I deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/MCE and Fibromyalgia. New one? Complex Severe Sleep Apnea, and a ten-year struggle with weight gain (I was NOT overweight under the age of 45!) Does health affects creativity. Yep, sure does, and I reflect on it in this blog.

Can you give up on Creativity? Sometimes.  But eventually…you hit REPEAT. 
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