A New Venture: I’Creativity takes a Detour.

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LIMU bfast

Cue the Rocky theme: go!

Here it is 2:00-ish. I started this around 10:30-ish (I am the slowest blogger ever) then realized that I should get my butt to da gym BEFORE blogging (since I am the.slowest. blogger. ever.) First, I had to chug my 2 oz shot of LIMU Original™ and have a gluten-free, peanut-butter-oat bar (or two). The new Breakfast of Champions!

Okay, just MY breakfast–and I was still hungry. But it was enough to tide me over ’til later. So I went to da gym. Not for long, but by god–I went and treadmilled. I cardioed. Yes, those are words; now, if they weren’t before.

You see, someone posted a photo of me (and her) on social media, and dammit…I thought I looked “all right.” I did my best yesterday, having only three hours of bad-quality sleep. And a very bad Fibromyalgia flare up going on for the past week or so.  But that bad?! 

How I imagine...!

How I imagine I could look…in my dreams or on a good hair day.


More like with this, but as a blonde. That much I got.

Yes, it was. I need these reminders, to stay humble and grounded (and exceedingly sad about my lack of model Vendela Kirseborn’s genes).

Anyway: New Venture. A nascent one is simmering, like my neglected Fiction Projects, on my burners. It is a new business and gosh how I wish it heartartshad something to do with the Arts, which really is where my heart abides.

Business…yuck, you say! Not creative, you cry! Keep reading, you artsy-farts. For me, it IS creative–to even consider a business venture is creatively-brave.  

I wish it were easier to make a freaking living from the Arts. If one is (gullible enough) to believe statistics, you might see something like this chart on salary.com , which leads us into the fantasy world where artists have a “Median Income” of about 49K. This is based on an “hourly wage” of approx $41-56 per hour.  Likewise, this from the reliable Bureau of Statistics say that “Crafters and Fine Artists” make approx $21 per hour. And that is for “Visual/Fine Arts”–artists with degrees and training…and jobs.

Sure, I’ve made $20-plus an hour on a JOB or PROJECT or PIECE. One little detail though: there tends to be a long gap, often, between sales of those project/pieces. Cue the dribbling of income here. Drip. Drip.

So those income stats? Excuse me a moment, while I laugh hysterically. 

Let’s consider another art form…how about WRITING? What do writers “on an average” make? According to Publishers Weekly, writers fall below the poverty level at approx 8K per year. Per the very realistic salary.com, a “Reporter (level) I” can expect to make around $26K per annum.

When I worked a retail job, after the store closed I was gaily singing (fairly well so I thought in my conceit) and cleaning my department, when a nearby supervisor heard me: “Don’t quit yer day job!” he said.singer11127037-Cartoon-female-singer-with-microphone-Stock-Vector-karaoke

Chortle, chortle. I would have taken his opinion more seriously, were he less of a jerk in the first place. Not that I ever did make a living at singing, but…still. Do NOT quit yer day job…just yet.

So, this new business venture of mine. Let’s say that it’s too early to tell, but I have realistic expectations from it based on proven financial testimonies and earnings. (Heck, it might even improve my health. What an idea!) I’m going to meet with my sponsor-leader person soon, and go from consumer to promoter-seller. And that it’s something that, finally–I think I can believe in.

Am I taking a teensy detour from my Art? Yep. Sorta. For now…oh, I am so lying! Because, realistically—who can just “stop creating”? You know you can’t; nor can I.


My stapler. It’s red.

Honestly, I have to take a break because my office is a BEAR PIT of PILES of CREATIVITY…and very UNcreative stacks of paperwork without a home. Help, yo.

The new venture awaits; it may, if I do it right and God blesses my efforts, actually help fund my creative work. What a concept!! 

So–pray for me, ‘cos I need it.  I will have you, my fellow artists, in mine.

OMG–it is now 4:30 p.m. Later, my homies–from the Slowest Blogger Ever.

[Are you an artist with a non-artsy business or career that lets you eat and be a normal person? I’d love to hear what they are in Comments!]



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