A Lesser-Known Law of the Universe

BlackholeWell, it may be only in MY universe, but I doubt it. Read on. Anyway, this mysterious Law seems to be undeniably and weirdly TRUE, I can assure you. Almost like Hawking’s Radiation, but not that scientific. Okay… so not even close to scientific; we’re talking more like Metaphysics & Philosophy here, otherwise known as “How the FRICK Does Life Work like That?!”

Word of the DayMetaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it, although the term is not easily defined. Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:

Are you wondering what it is yet? If not, run away to a Foodie Blog–but I’ve got food here as well (fyi) Plus, I may be dispensing Universal Information and Great Wisdom you’ll wish you had in the future. Or at a minimum, you’ll take a minute or two or your time to read for entertainment. With correct spelling and grammar, even.


Yep. I have no idea.

What to call this “Lesser Law” mystifies me.

Example: If I accuse my husband of moving or taking something I can’t find…I find it almost IMMEDIATELY, and exactly where I’d PUT it. I can spend a long time looking for it without success. But accusing him sets something odd into motion –and there the thing is. Incredible! Laughable!

Or if it’s sunny outside, I have to fight the sudden urge to write! Stay in! (where we live it’s wise to run outside whenever you can, btw) Or if I work hard on photography, I feel guilty at not writing–and vice-versa. If I write (for a change – other than blogging that is) then I feel guilty for not doing X-Y-Z.

There’s a Bible scripture that kind of describes this in Romans 7:19 (NLT): “…I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.”

mydesk bw Is writing wrong? Is working on photos or designs wrong? Is taking a long walk with my dog wrong?! Is playing games on Facebook wrong…oops, forget that. So really, it amounts to What is Right at the Moment. Maybe it’s more about choices.

But I’ve run off-track a little. As usual…so while I’m wandering away, may as well share pics of our darling grandson. Philosophy added (cuteness natural).

How this is fun DeckbdayhatcryIt might be good DeckcakeI could so get used to this DeckeatcakeHere’s another example of the Law: Recently, I decided to teach a class (or two). And to be a Fun Teacher, you have to create fun GAMES. And I hate to create games, as I suck very much at it, I can’t think of cool ideas, blahblah.

So I whined to my husband. “I’m worried that I’m not good at making up games! I never can think of any!” And as soon as the words left my mouth–honestly–I thought of TWO GAMES! Now the games are oozing out of my brain, awaiting my student guinea-pigs’ approval.


Let’s not call it the Law of “Never Say Never.” Can you say cliche? Trite? You can??

Then there are maxims of various sorts: “Just believe, and you can achieve.” “Only you can keep you from succeeding.” “Just DO it.” Zig Ziglar-ish pep talks. These drive me nuts, because they are VERY OFTEN NOT TRUE. Yes, you read it here! Just because I believe I can be a doctor at the age of 60+ doesn’t mean I could change my B.A. to a B.S. and survive medical school, internship, residency. And yes, pay off those enormous student loans before I die (“Look guys! Mom left us 100K in student loans to deal with, but gosh-golly, she got to live out her dream! She did it!”)

My friend could believe at not being a diabetic, but would she then not be one? I think Belief MUST be paired with Passion–and let’s not forget REALITY–for if you don’t want it bad enough (and maybe I didn’t) then you aren’t able to believe–or see–in what you need to do to get (fill in your great dream blank here).

cave creepy

Here is what’s left of me. I wouldn’t go in there, if I were you.

I’ve had a lot of failure in my life–all mine–though it seemed I tried VERY hard to succeed. I got a degree in teaching, then couldn’t use it when we moved so much; then I couldn’t find a position in my rather specialized field of teaching, then I had kids, then… I’ve tried business ventures and they made no money/stuff didn’t sell/the customer base didn’t happen (heck, it’s true right now with Aerie Images). I’ve tried programs at college that I couldn’t finish; family problems, financial distress I couldn’t fix, health issues, disillusionment, you name it & stopped the education beyond my B.A. process(Grad School, I’m talking to you!!) I thought I’d finally “found it” in being a writer, in writing fiction…and the storyteller-within seems to have entered hibernation–and possibly has died in the cave.

I am disgusted. I am appalled. I am, however, fascinated by whatever mystical Force hears my Statement of the Impossible, my Lament for What’s Missing, my own version of Never Say Never that sets forces in mystical motion. A kind of Inverse-fulfilling Prophecy?

Here’s the latest one. Since Christmas-NewYear’s, I have lost less pound in my weight-loss journey. I added-on exercises. I even increased, just a little, my calorie-intake in case it was too low (1200 cals to about 1300). As of today, I am also on Day 13 of the “Wheat Belly” eating plan.

wheat cautionThat’s right! NO wheat products in my diet, my lip gloss–or my cookies. I’ve been a very good girl. Yet there’s been this dumb plateau, a rather normal thing when you’re trying to diminish yourself (in a physical way – we’re not Fifty Shades here). I posted a lament on myfitnesspal.com, on social media, and spoken it aloud (my poor husband again).

So today? On a lark, I weighed myself…and I’d lost over 2 lbs since Saturday. TWO-plus!! Does God delight in proving me wrong? Ha, ha, Lord of the Universe–how hilarious you are!

And for my part…was it something that I said?? Just work that Law. Work it. How does that work again DeckerchairBW 1

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