When “I’m a Writer” isn’t Enough

Bree Davison

So in early September, I wrote a blog post then realized it focused on every wrinkle and fold (plus lint) in my own navel. Gee, babynavelgazingself-absorbed, much?

Many blogs are beautifully done, professional layout and graphics, and focus on sharing information: crafts, home design, tech or science stuff, parenting, ad infinitum. RSS feeds and 20K followers, hurray! Alongside my own form of navel-gazing, my intentions have been to include my fellow creative-persons – or to fascinate those who simply like to glimpse into our puzzling, twisted minds, er, processes.

“So Bree, how’s the writing going? Still working on ‘the book’?”

Honestly? My brain, soul, spirit, desk – whatever – is still cluttered up and constipated when it comes to Writing. Don’t ask why…I don’t know myself and am real tired of being an omphaloskepsist.

That’s right, navel-gazing is an actual thing, even kind of spiritual! There are even statues…

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