Pancake Math and the Blackberry Blues


Healthy? Low Carb?

Healthy? Low Carb?

Today I got inspired and made Blackberry-Flax Pancakes with Fresh Banana-Blackberry Compote, with a side of Morningstar Maple-flavor Veggie Sausage.  Looks good, doesn’t it? It was. It really was.

Cooking is a form of creating or it can be – and since I’m stuck in the middle of my novel, blogging is the Next Best Thing. We’ll even throw in a bit of “algebra,” which isn’t very ‘creative’ unless…well, you’ll see.

Today’s breakfast inspiration can be notated this way: I + (b) i = C

That reads in English as “I (me) plus (breakfast) times (inspiration) equals creativity with a capital ‘C’.” That was my math/algebra for the day…oh wait. It wasn’t.

The pancake mix was Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Multigrain Pancake Mix (Certified Organic). naturespathThe blackberries weren’t organic, but the bananas were. I sweetened the compote with a drizzle of agave and maple syrup, with a dash of nutmeg tossed in. I’d made these before and they were heavy-gummy, so the instructions said to use milk instead of water for lighter pancakes. It gave directions for using ‘1 c. of dry mix’ to 2/3c. milk plus 1 tb. Oil mixed in.

Okay, my simple consumer-mind said, that’s probably for 2 people with 2-3 medium pancakes apiece – right? So I’ll do half of that for one person: me. I used Almond-Coconut Milk Blend as ‘milk’ and whipped the batter a bit.

syrupspoonI chopped up the blackberries and bananas and smushed them all together then sweetened with the syrup, added slivers of organic butter and a (literal) tsp of vanilla yogurt on top of each little (3”) pancake.

Microwaved sausage added, then posted to social media, as if anyone actually cared what I was eating for brunch. Savoring my little meal, I felt smug and nutritionally-sound, but then…thought I’d check those specs again. Just to be sure I got the nutrition right, or close to it to keep being smug. Something about “40 g per serving”…hmmm.

40 grams??? Uh-oh, said the dormant math-part of my brain, as it stirred from hibernation. scratchheadRe-read the Nutrition Facts:

Serving size: 40 g

Calories: 140

Carbs: 25 g (after fiber)

Protein: 7 g

Sounds pretty good. But since I’m an American and a mere basic-math person who doesn’t use metrics all the time, I found a gram-to-ounce converter and checked further.

40 g = 1.41 OUNCE. EH?! Who uses 1 oz to make pancakes!? Certainly not me. I’d used 4 oz for 6 little pancakes, so that means…oh gawd, what does that mean?! Everything on the package for a “serving” (ha, ha) had to be multiplied by 1.41. No, WAIT. The 4 oz (1/2 cup dry mix) divided by 1.41g= 2.83g for every dang ounce of…whatever. So…so each of those nutrition facts (in grams) must be x’d by 2.83?

mathgirlrageNow I was getting annoyed, nonetheless I whipped out my phone-calculator. And here’s how it REALLY broke-down:

Calories: 396  (140 x 2.83)

Carbs: 70.75g (25 x 2.83)

Protein: 19.81g (7 x 2.83)

That was my “healthy pancake breakfast.” I hadn’t even counted the fruit and sausage. The equation for what I felt could be expressed as *&w@+ (!t@#) = SHOCK.

Ahem. I have a message for the good folks at that company:“Sirs, your facts are TAD!@#!&$ bit misleading. If the mix is made in freaking-America, and we (American) consumers mainly use our own measurement system (as weird as it may be, it’s ours) why not put the Nutrition Facts in freaking American-ese that make sense and don’t require us to strain our non-math brains so early in the morning?!”

Serving size: 1.5 oz dry mix (40g) The we can take it from there, all we have to do is, uh, do all that multiplication. It’s good for some of us. Easy. Piece of pancake.

I’m so glad that I actually ate only THREE. Which is Calories: 198 ~ Carbs: 56g (gulp) ~ Protein: 14g

Correct me if I’m wrong, and I probably am.

Compared to cooking as a creative exercise – or eating—I think I’ll work on my novel for awhile.

Oh for crying’ out— I  forgot the almond-coconut milk…









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