Sticking with the Non Program

And this is why...?

And this is why…?

I don’t program well. I don’t like schedules. Unless I’ve created them, and I don’t create them much. Selfish, huh? Control freak?

Nah. I prefer Free Spirit or Bohemian. Could add “Freakishly Unbalanced.”


I like rules — and the occasional schedule or program — if they make sense and are fair, but if they don’t or aren’t then forgetaboutit.

Since I don’t like being told what to do – never would have survived the military (aside from being a physical wimpy girl, they would have tossed me out on the first ‘But why are we doing this, Sarge?’)

I don’t have the patience for people, or things especially, that don’t make sense or are cruel.Have you heard of the Myers-Brigg personality test? Don’t leave me yet, but if you’re interested after reading this there are websites that offer a free mini-MB test, or click on my link above. But wait.

I’ve taken it a couple of times and came out, not surprisingly, an ENFP/INFP. That means Extraverted/Introverted, Intuitive , Feeling, and Perceptive. My score was split exactly in half as to extrovert/introvert so that’s why I am both, sorta. Meaning I am a little schitzoid.

It depends on my mood for the day as to whether I’ll return your call..or not. Whether I want to be with people…or not. Whether I want to be disturbed by you or by the lousy mundane world…or not.

Out! In! Catatonic wins.

Some days are like that for me. Okay, most days are. Same for you? Or like one of my very good friends, do you just jump for joy at organizing every file in your house, your screw & bolts, your sock drawer—and drive everyone else crazy organizing them too??

I like the occasional chaos. Then, at a point only I can determine (and even that changes) – I reach OVERLOAD. And MUST organize or declutter or clean. Auggggh!


The Myers-Briggs test is mainly geared towards helping one find what one should be, or could be, good at job-wise. The ENFP (let’s forget the introverted part for now) is supposedly suited for:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Scientist
  • Artist
  • And 0thers.

Well, shut ma mouth and call me any of those. Not successful at any of them, but labeled nonetheless.

Now I am fulfilled.

Life is complete.


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