Rejinxing My Writing Life and being Ept at…Anything

So this month was NaPoBloMo, huh? That’s “Nat’l Post a Blog Month.” And I all but missed it!

Onwards: Facebook’s Words with Friends (Zynga-insert-copyright-symbol-here) is the best name and place generator for creating fiction, ever. Especially for Fantasy or Sci-Fi writers like m’self.

Really.  I’ll be playing along innocently, shuffling letters on the WWF thingy, and the most fascinating possible-names pop up. ‘Emkot.’ ‘Nodroo.’ ‘Hamang.’ ‘Jedu.’ Throws me out of the game…King Nodroo of the kingdom Emkot? A warrior named Hamang, dark and mysterious. I can totally see it.



And words that I could swear are words – like ‘ept.’ After all, if someone can be ‘inept’ at something, why can’t they also be ‘ept’? Why can’t you ‘rejinx’ someone; what, you can’t do jinx-y stuff more than once? And why aren’t virtual terms okay to use, like ‘ezine’ or the police officer’s friend, the ‘taser’?

I sound annoying even to my own ears today.

Leaving the complaining behind, I next have an ANNOUNCEMENT:  I would like to share that I am WRITING again. Slowly. Intermittently. Cautiously. With pen and paper, in a notebook that I carry around most of the time. By hand, which is very odd since I don’t really do anything with a pen but draw, doodle and make vague lists of things. I used to be caught saying things like ‘I can’t write long hand anymore,’ or ‘writing flows well for me on a keyboard and computer screen.’ Oh, foolish maxims to write by!

The thing is, I am quite worried that I really am “rejinxing” myself by even sharing the fact that I am writing again. Remember the ‘Enough with the Sabbatical Already’ post of last April??  I kind of hope not (you may now go find and read it however). I thought the flow was coming back, but tricked me: it was merely a bare trickle of writing.

The trickle of the Trilogy that Won’t Die is still trickling, however; it wants to be a stream someday, too. There are still incredible obstacles that want to submarine this effort to Write Again.

For one, Facebook. This site has totally ruined my focus. I now have to check up on everyone’s status, exceedingly touching or clever vids or memes – especially to see if anyone likes my posts or has an encouraging, self-serving (as in myself) comment. Family that I’d never know anything about other than their posts have to be checked up-upon. Of

course, I am the only

Imageperson on the virtual planet that has trouble with this.

Curse you, Mark Zuckerberg, you annoying genius. I join the ranks of dumb, following sheep. I have been brainwashed by your brilliance. I thumb my nose at you while posting a new Photo or searching Google for the next flash of brilliance I’d like to Post. I spend hours, at times, playing dumb games that only require me to move bright gems on a board.

Or call upon my under-used vocabulary to make Words. With Friends. And be amazed at friends who play ‘hexapod’ and I respond with ‘hexapody,’ or throw ‘birlers’ out there for me to stare  at and wonder what in HECK it means.

And not-writing. The chastising myself for not-writing, and not-attending-writing-events any more, either.

Of course self-discipline is the issue here. Maturity in the best Christian sense of making wise choices, not letting our baser selves get the best of us, and so forth. Driving towards a goal, all the while relying on Grace and Not Being Too Hard on Myself – nice in theory but lousy in actual living it out.

So I beat myself up when I am not-writing. Then I run and edit photos on my etsy site.

However, I really AM writing now. The fantasy world of Vanyl and its islands, and its dying people (both in body and spirit) won’t let me let it go. I’m going back to write Book One, where it all started in the first place – just out of sequence in my unorderly little brain.  But honestly, doing the foundational World Building from the very beginning will make the next book (the first one I splattered, helter-skelter on to the monitor) much easier to write – and make it more excellent.

If I can be ept enough. Jinx!        Image


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