For the Pirates and Princes in June…Father’s Day ideas from peeps I know

Is it hard to buy for a guy?? Not if you shop on etsy or in our new Treasury, it’s not.

“I see other men in tights…”

It’s titled…ah, the title of this post is a large HINT.

Takealookathis: As a member of the csartisans team on etsy, I’ve busily been puttering to put together this collection, called a “Treasury” on the site, that highlights items from some of our guy crafters & artists especially.

Who cares how well he can act? Notmenotmenotme.

Is that enough plugging??

Doesn't wave like his Nana.

Doesn’t wave like his Nana.

      I believe so. Now go buy something for your pirate, prince, pal or papa-guy. 

Which means 'you wanta shop on etsy, don't you? Yes, you do! Yes, you do!'



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