My Art at a Coffee Shop (yay)

It really can happen.  A local coffee shop emailed me and offered half of their “gallery wall” to show my art. After dropping my card off, talking at least three different managers in the past year, I’d kinda given up. No, not really Do we artists, writers, creative-persons EVER truly give up on the fruit of our little brains and hearts? HA! That would be ‘no’ if we are honest. (Which I try to be on a pretty regular basis.) A MONTH OR SO AGO, I was in the coffee shop for a writing-marathon with a friend and noted something was missing from half of their nail-pocked Art Wall. That would be “art.”

So I taunted the poor server. “See that big, blank space over there?” says I. 

“Yep, uh-huh,” say the counter coffee-server persons. (there were two standing there)

“Well, you could’ve had MY art hanging over there,” I announce modestly. “Instead of (gestures towards blank half of wall) that.” 

Now to their credit, half of the wall had  a very nice exhibit of excellent landscape photography by a guy named “Ryan.” (sorry Ryan, your last name escaped me & btw, some of my work is landscape also) 

“Well, leave your card for our manager,” one staffer says. 

“I have. Repeatedly. Ah well, your loss!” I reply, smiling. “It’s okay though.” 

What a liar I am. (so much for ‘regular honesty’)  But I don’t like to be thought of as ‘impolite.’ Shortly after this, I got the email. Surprise! Somebody kept my card, brochure or something didn’t they? Huh?? Uh-huh.

So I have about 15 pieces hanging up –and until July!! Naturally, I am thrilled: my first Art Exhibition, even if it’s in a coffee shop! Even if I spent too much money matting and framing those pieces. Even though I have SOLD a piece…and it was to a dear friend who had stopped by and bought a motif titled “Fire Dance.”

A little World Market, a little Pier One. Better price (mine)

“Hey, you don’t have to buy something!” I say to her, quite foolishly. Of course I want her to. 

“I can order one — you don’t want to sell one off the wall, do you?” she asks.

Of course I will. I still try to, insanely, dissuade her from spending her money — on my product.

“I really like it, the colors are prefect for my house. I want to be one of the first to sow into your art business,” she says. Sue, you are awesome. Thank you for believing in me. I don’t mind the “hole” in the exhibition one bit. 

And thank you very, very much to

You know you love these places! Plus, there’s my art hanging in there.

on North Academy in the Springs — of course!  [*note – the link to PPerk’s site didn’t work, but here’s a pic at least]


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