Angels or Archons, it’s all in a Name…


Good heavenly beings, right?  The Biblical angel is a “messenger” per its translation from the Greek. Most of us have pleasant associations with angels.

So what about FALLEN angels? Technically, they are demons. Bad, bad associations. Good, good for fiction! 

In the first book of Vanyl, the demi-god who makes a covenant with the Vanylon people is Lumien, an angelic-like deity; in fact, the people refer to him as “Lumien the Angelic.” He has wings and supernatural power…but just who IS he, exactly? Over time, the Vanylons find out.

But I’m playing with Lumien—his title, at least. He doesn’t seem to mind (such hubris!). Angels don’t deserve to be associated with him, not even fictional ones. And thus…


What’s an archon, I had to ask myself? I wasn’t even sure where I got the idea (who knows where these things come from).  The word means ‘ruler, lord or prince’ to the Greeks, who used it a as a title for certain gov’t leaders.

But the Gnostics, a sect of early Christianity, had a more interesting concept of Archons. There are beaucoup websites with some very strange theories about aliens, inorganic beings who rule planets from other dimensions, and other weirdness. I sort of stopped reading and went back to concocting my OWN ideas — after all, it’s only a name.

Turns out that there are various SF/F books about archons, aeons, aliens and such. (And here I, once again, thought I had a True Original Thought!) So…an archon?? Now I’m not so sure.


Some of the World-building in my Fantasy deals with Scythian or ancient East-Euro/Russian cultures. Some of their gods were Tabiti, Hestia, Don Bettyr, Targitaos and Kolaxais. Which are Greek-ish. How to incorporate these into Lumien, which sounds more French to me as the days go by? Should I change his name as well, I’m pondering.    

A Scythian sky-god, Teshub

For now, he is Lumien the Archon.  Which do you like best – angel, archon or…something else?


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