The Firebird Trilogy by Kathy Tyers

All in one volume: “These critically acclaimed novels deftly chronicle one courageous woman’s spiritual and physical battles and the eternal consequences of her struggle–not only for herself and Brennan Caldwell, the man she loves, but also for the worlds she seeks to save. With her own people seeking her sacrifice, Lady Firebird finds herself swept toward an exciting but perilous destiny. Capturing the imaginations of readers of all genres, the complete story is now offered in this 3-in-1 volume. Fans of science fiction and fantasy from a Christian worldview and readers who simply love great storytelling will be thrilled by the thoughtful themes and intriguing plots of this compelling trilogy.”  (Description from Amazon. Click on image to go there)

What joy to discover this series when I started writing fiction! Kathy Tyers was originally a microbiologist, is a flutist and now a widow; in writing, she’s a genius. These books kept me going when I knew no other recently-written, quality SF/F with a one-God viewpoint and unique world-building. When I tried to discuss my fantasy-in-progress with fellow Believers, the comments were less than encouraging.

“Oh, you’re writing a Fantasy! So, like C.S. Lewis or Tolkien?”

“Um, no. Nothing like Lewis or Tolkien. It’s about a part-human race of people who settle fresh-water islands and worship an angelic-like deity. One of their princes disavows this religion for a life without faith and gets into all sorts of trouble.”

“Oh. Elves or dragons?”

“Nope. None of those. Just quallums and the oxa.”

“Does it have…you know…magic?”

“A little but it’s not the focus. But the island people do have a special life-force, which seems mystical to outside races, but actually isn’t. There is a also way they can use gemstones for good or evil…”

Whereupon the brow might wrinkle. “So it’s not like Narnia or…?”

“Nope.  It’s written for adults. There’s murder, sabotage, a love-sex triangle, abortion –”

At the mention of the ‘s-word’ I would completely lose most of them. WHAT GIVES WITH THAT?

Attitudes like this just burn me up! Didn’t God create sex? Isn’t it meant to a beautiful and holy thing? And showing “bad sex” would only serve to emphasize the “good kind,” right?

But more on that in another post. Or maybe I’ll devote a special section in Creative Stew.

I’ll bet that one topic will drive some of you there, too!


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