Star-Eyes Fantasy Trilogy

Why a freaky-looking starry eye here??

Ah. I’m so glad you asked. Other than this being my very first Blog Post (so proud) it is also my clumsy attempt to ‘photoshop’ the handsome blue eye of a handsome actor…

It’s a clue to the Fantasy Trilogy I’m working on…again. Since people keep asking me about this story  and can’t forget it, I think Someone is trying to tell me Something!

Hint, hint.

About the pic. The race of people key to the story have the “mark of the star” in their eyes. It’s a key to their origin, but alas, in their fall to earth in a spectacular “crash,” they’ve lost ALL memory of that place…their home.

So they must start all over over as Strangers in a Very Strange Land.

They are even more ‘peculiar’ than the marks in their eyes.

  • Heavy water is tasty to them —  in fact, it helps them stay alive. 
  • They can ‘do things’ with metals. Possibly teleport them, magnetize them; so many choices 

Star-Men. Star-Eyes. Are you a little curious yet?


6 thoughts on “Star-Eyes Fantasy Trilogy

  1. Love the star-eye idea Bree. This sounds like an interesting story.

    Love your theme! lol I chose the same template. I will customize it more later. No rush, but my first blog got superseded by the ‘homework’ post. You can scroll down to read it with my good news. Oh- and I borrowed that blog from yesterday’s post on my currently active Blogger Author Blog.

    • Joy, glad you are! Thanks for stopping by — plz come again. Your’s looks good too (I do like pink unlike *some* ppl!) and I look fw to cking out when you’ve got more on it, good job. ~

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